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Take the Stage Performance Company showcases the top talent from the Washington, D.C. region in two musical theater performing ensembles grouped by grade level.  The emphasis in this pre-professional level program is on performance, with ensemble members learning material taught by high-caliber national, regional, and local choreographers.  Performances include a fully produced musical revue with tickets available to the public, several road shows at corporate events, local festivals and community events in the Washington Metro area, and a cabaret showcase evening for ensemble members and their families.


Take the Stage is 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization and a Montgomery County Public Schools approved SSL organization.


"I can’t stop thinking about the best time I had in the theatre so far this year-spending it with 26 of the most talented singers and dancers, and some terrific musicians, at Elevate at Take the Stage Performance Company at the Rockville JCC." - Joel Markowitz, DC Metro Theater Arts - Looking Back at ‘Elevate’ at Take the Stage Performance Company


"I was blown away by the precision with which these young people performed and I couldn’t wait for intermission to scour my program for the choreographer’s name. Imagine my surprise to find that each song was choreographed and staged by a different set of people! The credit for the precise performances, then, is clearly shared by the talented team of directors and choreographers but most of all the young performers who clearly worked hard and brought their all to this show. The choreographers asked a lot of these young people, and boy did they deliver!" - Nicole Hertvik, DC Metro Theater Arts- Review: ‘Connected’ at Take the Stage Performance Company


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